Maggie Sottero 2014 Case Study

The Company

maggiesotteroMaggie Sottero is a fast growing, leading designer and manufacturer of bridal gowns. The company is committed to impeccable styling and incomparable fit at an affordable price. Maggie Sottero designs are inspired from an international landscape and incorporate luxurious fabrics, Swarovski crystals, and hand-sewn embellishments.

The Flirt line by Maggie Sottero incorporates the same world-class design to create industry leading prom dresses.

The Challenge

Maggie Sottero has a broad product line of wedding and prom dresses with many variations based on color, size, style, and more. As their line grew, managing an increasingly diverse product line with hundreds of product configurations became unwieldy.   Most of the product data was captured by hand, with multiple spreadsheets being used to upload the latest configurations to web-sites, internal operational systems, and financial systems. Whenever a new product was introduced, information had to be updated in as many as five different databases and numerous spreadsheets.

When retailers that carried the Maggie Sottero line needed to place orders, they primarily used the telephone. Maggie Sottero’s retailer partners wanted the ability to place and track orders over the internet. They also wanted greater visibility into product availability, new dresses, and the ability to search for product by criteria such as color, season, style, and size. Maggie Sottero wanted to provide faster information and better service through a modern eCommerce solution for their retailers.

The Results

Spring2 worked with Maggie Sottero to implement a comprehensive Order Management System that consolidated product information, provided order tracking capabilities, and enabled front-end eCommerce functionality.

Product information is now consolidated and can be easily managed. Information on dress collections, sizes, and color is now organized and readily available. When new products are introduced, information is gathered and loaded into one database. This information is then available for internal operations, and automatically published to the eCommerce web-sites so that retail locations around the world have immediate access to updated information.

Retailers have the ability to view dresses in an image library and search for products based on multiple criteria. Product availability and estimated lead times to delivery can be checked quickly.   When it comes time to order – the front-end eCommerce solution makes it fast and seamless. Retailers enjoy better customer service from the corporate office through announcements, order history, and easily accessible order status.

Maggie Sottero is finding that current staff members are providing better and more targeted customer service. In addition, the company is utilizing IT resources more efficiently by eliminating the time spent manipulating data, creating special reports, and gathering difficult-to-find data. The IT team can now focus on strategic projects that will continue to build the Maggie Sottero brand.