The Spring2 Dynamic Delivery Model funnels three keys to success – products, tools, and people into an Agile based methodology. The outcome is specific feedback processes and tools that ensure a low-risk, well-designed system.

The Spring2 proven methodology utilizes an iterative and incremental (evolutionary) approach. When applied in a highly collaborative manner by organized teams who utilize daily scrums and short-term sprints, the result is a cost-effective, timely, organized system that meets the changing needs of its stakeholders. Specific stages in the Spring2 process include:

Business vision – Listen and understand the current business environment.

Project scope – Mutually determine project scope.

Requirement definition – Define specific project requirements for successful completion.

Rapid Agile development – Software coding and initial unit testing employing Agile methodology.

Testing and data conversion – Perform test cycles and data conversion.

Training – Provide training and knowledge transfer to insure internal support.