Modern Tools

Spring2 uses modern development tools such as .NET, C#, andmobile platforms. In addition, Spring2 has a core set of class libraries that can be reused in many applications. These libraries have previously been designed and developed, and are successfully running in production systems. Application development is accelerated and quality is ensured through this proven, well-tested software.

Mobile tools include, CSS 3, HTML 5, Phone Gap. Pre developed library classes include:

  • Data Access – Eliminates the need to re-write and re-test database queries.
  • Localization – Includes time zone, daylight savings, and other globalization components.
  • State Codes and Nationwide Postal Codes – Eliminates the need to re-code often-used data types.
  • Geocodes – Takes an address and converts it to geographic points for applications that utilize location data such as the closest sales representative, or the closest vendor.
  • Postal Shipping Address Validation – Ensures valid and complete information for shipment delivery.
  • Currency Exchange – Collects exchange rates and perform exchange rate calculations.
  • Email – Enables applications to publish data, such as password requests and other automated responses, to email.
  • Credit Card Processing/ACH Processing – Automates payment processing.
  • Selenium Testing – Automated load testing ensures robust and reliable applications before implementation.
  • UPS API Clients – Includes time in transit, rate lookups, and multiple service types.