Molding Box 2014 Case Study

The Company

moldingboxMolding box is a leading logistics company that provides warehousing, order fulfillment, and shipping services for many leading merchants. Molding box seeks to understand all aspects of a merchants product and business needs. From there, the Molding Box warehouse becomes and extension of the merchants business. Order delivery services which include order processing, packaging, expedited shipping, and seamless follow-up are provided to take the worry out of product logistics. All of these services are provided with a commitment to deliver outstanding merchants service and experience.

The Challenge

The process of receiving an order from a merchant, processing that order, tracking the inventory, and shipping the order to the end customer was mostly manual, time consuming and prone to error. One or two key employee held most of the knowledge required to process 90% of the orders, creating business risks and bottlenecks.  Data was manually moved and manipulated between more than 10 disparate systems that managed shipping methods, postage, shipment tracking, inventory tracking and more.

The Results

  • Significantly reduced order processing time – it took one person one day to process a day’s worth of merchant orders in multiple formats and massage that data for the warehouse to fulfill. The time to process one merchant order was decreased from hours to minutes
  • Reduced training time – Knowledge transfer is significantly easier and training time has been reduced from an estimated three days to two hours per employee.
  • More accurate orders – many of the manual steps were automated for increased accuracy. Computer based data validation, error correction, order formatting, etc. were added to transfer error prone manual processes to mistake free automated processes.
  • Single database for efficiency and accuracy – more than ten internal systems that handled tasks such as shipping carrier management, postage, shipment tracking, inventory tracking, warehouse management, label printing and more, were consolidated into one system and database.
  • Reduced risk – Reliance on individuals holding large amounts of internal knowledge needed to process orders were transferred to one fully integrated system. This system automates many manual tasks and is easy to learn.