Seamless Web – Prof Services Case Study 2015

The Company

seamlessSeamless, provides web based business-to-business and business to consumer meal and catering procurement services. Seamless’s food ordering and billing tools cut costs, save time and streamline all accounting associated with food purchases while they improve employees’ quality of life.

Seamless supports over 12,000 restaurants and 80+ cuisine types, Seamless is the nation’s largest online and mobile food ordering company and has made ordering food easy for more than one million members and many of the world’s largest companies. On Seamless you can browse menus, view ratings, read reviews, and discover great new food delivery restaurants in your neighborhood. In 2013 Seamless merged with industry leader GrubHub.

The Challenge

The Seamless systems would not support their growth. They needed systems that would provide the rich functionality and scalability that would allow them to reach their business potential. The system had to eventually support tens of thousands of daily transactions. The system had to include all operational functions including ordering from multiple catalogs/menus from various restaurants and vendor types, allocating to multiple people and expense codes, invoicing, accounting system integration, internal and vendor order monitoring, catalog maintenance by the restaurants, and user and rules management by the client firms.

The Solution

Spring2 Technologies partnered with Seamless to develop an e-Commerce system that provides ordering interfaces for users, customer service and utility modules for internal personnel, and product interfaces for restaurants.

Professionals Place Orders

Professionals (attorneys, investment bankers, etc.) at member firms place food and service orders on-line, from their desktop, with restaurants. Each order specifies delivery time of day, date, and location. After the order is built, the professional allocates the order to one or more people and to one or more expense codes. All expense codes pass through multiple validation layers. Firm and individual rules are then checked against a set of business rules that include:

  1. Ensuring that each user is not over a soft or hard budget for the period for which the order is being placed
  2. Verifying that the time specified is allowable for the order type specified
  3. Ensuring that all minimums have been met for each vendor on the order

Each individual member also has access to his own personal order history, including orders that were allocated to him by others. They can maintain any of their own profile information, and get answers to questions in the system help area.

Restaurants Fulfill Orders

Once a food or other service order is placed, it becomes available immediately on the vendor’s order monitor where an estimated delivery time can be set, and the order can be printed for preparation and delivery. At the same time, the order also appears on the Seamless’s internal interface where customer service personnel monitor the order to ensure the vendor receives and processes each request. A bank of automated fax servers is available to fax orders to restaurants that do not have in-house Internet terminals.

Through the system, restaurants can update and maintain their catalog of products, locations, delivery areas, and their schedules.

Firm Administrators Maintain Control

Seamless’s powerful financial controls and restrictions capabilities (supported by electronic invoice presentment and payment features) enable companies to save money and realize operating efficiencies. Full expense code validation and real-time access to billing information ensure appropriate allocation of expenses to the proper client or department.
Firm administrators can view and sort all orders placed by members of their firm, maintain their firm membership, receive and download importable invoices, maintain firm and individual rules, and maintain their firm location details.

Consumers Place Orders

Spring2 helped Seamless add the ability for consumers to place orders from wherever they were located. This involved adding location base technologies including geocoding and geo-fencing.  These technologies enable Seamless to define delivery boundaries for restaurants. In addition, customers have the ability to search within a radius for pickup orders from restaurants. Smart phone users with standard GPS capabilities are able to search for all the restaurants within some distance of his/her current location.

The Results

  • Project delivered on time and on budget.
  • Millions of dollars of revenue generated – multiple acquisitions.
  • Hundreds of thousands of live orders processed per day
  • Over 100,000 active users
  • Over 800 active professional firms including world class organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and others.
  • Over 2000 active restaurants.
  • Favorite food quick re-order capabilities.
  • Group aggregated ordering capability.
  • 100% cost code/project code capture.
  • Powerful financial controls and reporting capabilities.
  • Single electronic invoice up loadable directly to your accounting system for all food purchases.