Spring2 Direct Sales

Spring2’s Direct Sales is a cloud based enterprise management solution for companies in the direct sales industry. For over 15 years it has helped companies both small and large grow and manage all the key elements in their direct sales business.

Spring2 Direct Sales is an enterprise wide eCommerce system that serves party plan companies and their independent distributors. The system is capable of processing tens of thousands of transactions daily and provides all operational functions including order entry, order fulfillment, commission processing, inventory management, and financial information. The system is capable of handling multiple order types and allow distributors to quickly “build” orders from multiple customers over the Internet.

Benefits include:

Cloud based solution

Full functionality from demonstrator/consultant support tools, to back office functions, to commission processing, to shipping and fulfillment.

Spring2 and their solutions have benefited may companies in the industry. Companies that have used or are using the solution include:

  • Gold Canyon
  • Uppercase Living
  • Verefina
  • Valaria
  • Agel
  • Monavi