Uppercase Living Case Study 2015

The Company

Uppercase Living® was founded in January 2006 with the vision of creating an inspiring decorative medium that uppercase-livingwould allow customers to transform their spaces into a reflection of themselves. This vision was delivered through beautiful decorative lettering and embellishments sold through in-home parties. These expressions could be applied quickly and easily to walls, tiles, wood blocks, and other meaningful places, without enlisting the help of a professional decorator.

Uppercase Living quickly grew, as people all over the country and internationally found the value in surrounding themselves and their loved ones with meaningful and inspiring expressions. New people, systems, and operations space were quickly added to keep up with the growing product demand. The Uppercase Living team continues to work tirelessly to build a rewarding opportunity that revolves around a product unparalleled in the industry.

The Challenge

Spring2 Technologies was introduced to a small company with great potential, but struggling to meet manufacturing demand and lacking operational procedures and efficiencies.   The company had reached the limit of its ability to grow, and faced a critical cross-road of deciding if and how to remain a viable entity. Most processes including order taking, manufacturing, and sales commission processing were manual. Critical business systems such as financial, customer support, and sales incentive functionality was missing.

The Solution

Spring2 Technologies developed an enterprise wide e-Commerce system for Uppercase Living and their independent distributors. The system had to be capable of processing tens of thousands of transactions daily and tie all operational functions together including order entry, order fulfillment, commission processing, inventory management, and financial information. The system had to be capable of handling multiple order types and allow distributors to quickly “build” orders from multiple customers over the Internet.

The primary components of the enterprise wide solution include:

Fully integrated and scalable web-based order functionality custom written with the Microsoft .NET framework, that includes:

  • Integrated web based order entry and web based expression designer. This functionality allows demonstrators to either design their own expressions using 31 colors and 50 font combinations, or order out of the catalog. Payment is taken, incentives and promotions are calculated, and orders are sent over the web to Uppercase Living. The products are then seamlessly moved into manufacturing without human intervention.
  • Demonstrator business portal – this functionality provides a full suite of tools and programs to help demonstrators with their business. Key components include a document library, interactive forums, referral tracking, tax rate lookups, payment option setup, etc.
  • Demonstrator websites – demonstrators can sign up for their own template-based websites that maintain a consistent brand image while allowing demonstrator customization. Demonstrators can add a personal message, upload project photos, and add calendar items.
  • Ecommerce – customers can place individual orders right from a demonstrator’s web site.

Fully integrated and scalable backoffice functionality custom written with the Microsoft .NET framework, that includes:

  • Highly automated manufacturing functionality. This functionality takes catalog images, or demonstrator designs from the UL web based design tool, and fully automates the process from design submission to design manufacturing.
  • Sophisticated picking, binning and shipping systems, fully integrated with the ordering and manufacturing systems.   These systems use bar code and proprietary algorithms to drive scalable throughput as individual orders move through various assembly phases and consolidate into one complete party order for shipment. Integration with the UPS web tracking system allows demonstrators to track their orders, from the UL manufacturing process and right to their doorstep.
  • Integrated demonstrator support/CRM system. This system provides automated referrals based on definable business rules such as geographic distance from demonstrator and demonstrator title. It also provides a full suite of demonstrator support functionality including the ability to track incident types, incident status, and refer incidents to other support agents for follow up.
  • Fully integrated commission processing functionality that calculates multi-level commissions for thousands of demonstrators within minutes on a monthly basis.

Highly secure infrastructure architecture utilizing off-site web hosting. Uppercase living utilizes a secure hosting facility to house high-end mirrored database servers as well as a web application server farm to meet the highly scalable nature of the UL business.

The Results

  • Spring2 Technologies delivered and implemented a highly scalable ordering, manufacturing, demonstrator support and ERP foundation that will enable Uppercase Living to grow well into the future.
  • Uppercase Living quickly became the leading decorative lettering and expression brand in the United States.
  • Uppercase Living became one of the fastest growing companies nationwide creating a highly positive ROI.
  • The numbers of demonstrators grew quickly, and now represents all fifty states and US territories and Canada.
  • Uppercase Living takes advantage of large efficiencies driven by automated processes and Internet based demonstrator services.
  • Distributors report high satisfaction with on-line reporting that lets them track their own orders and their customer order trends.
  • Many manual and paper based processes have been eliminated.